Douglas County District Attorney
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Title 1 General Provisions
Title 2 Administration and Personnel
Title 3 Revenue and Finance
3.02 Local Government Investments
3.03 Central Cashiering
3.04 County-City Relief Tax
3.06 Douglas County Sales and Use Tax Ordinance of 1999
3.08 Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax
3.10 Additional Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax
3.12 Occupancy Tax
3.14 Transient Lodging Rental Tax
3.16 Aviation Fuel Tax
3.20 Open Space Assessments
3.24 Residential Construction Tax (School)
3.25 Residential Construction Tax (Transportation)
3.26 Residential Construction Tax (Parks)
3.28 Funds to Assist Victims of Domestic Violence
3.32 Fund for Medical Assistance to Indigent Persons
3.34 Funds to Support Programs of Dispute Resolution
3.36 Funds for the Prevention or Treatment of Alcohol or Drug Abuse and for Genetic Marker Testing
3.40 Funds for the Provisions of Justices’ Court Facilities
3.42 Filing Fees on Civil Actions for Pro Bono Programs and Legal Services for Abused Children and Victims
3.44 Account for the Acquisition and Improvement of Technology in the Office of the County Assessor
3.46 Allocation of fine money for violation section 9.453.336 (Marijuana possession)
3.48 Filing Fees on Civil Actions in District Court for Court Security
3.50 Surcharge for Enhancement or Improvement of Telephone System used for Reporting Emergency
3.60 Utility Operator License Fee
3.70 Transient Lodging License Tax
Title 5 Business Licenses and Regulations
Title 6 Animals
Title 8 Health and Safety
Title 9 Criminal Code
Title 10 Vehicles and Traffic
Title 12 Streets and Other Public Places
Title 13 Parks
Title 14 Airports
Title 18 Town Annexation and Service Districts
Title 19 Initiative Ordinances
Title 20 Consolidated Development Code
Effective Date
Table of Ordinances

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County Codes
Title 3 Revenue and Finance
3.02 Local Government Investments
3.02.010 Delegation
3.02.020 Investments
3.02.030 Redemptions
3.02.040 Reports
3.02.050 Deposits

3.02.010 Delegation
    A. Pursuant to NRS 355.165, et seq., (Investments by Local Governments), the authority to invest and reinvest money of Douglas County, to sell or exchange securities purchased pursuant to NRS 355.175, and to deposit securities for safe keeping is delegated to the county treasurer. 
Upon a unanimous vote of the board of county commissioners, the authority delegated in this section may be suspended when the board determines that the treasurer has not invested the money of Douglas County consistent with the best interest of the county. (Ord. 397 §1(part), 1982)

3.02.020 Investments
The county treasurer is authorized to purchase, at their original sale or after they have been issued, securities which are permitted investments pursuant to NRS 355.170, as enacted or hereafter amended, from money in his custody which is not required for the immediate day-to-day business of the county, and as he may deem wise and expedient, and to sell or exchange from other eligible securities and reinvest the proceeds of such sale or exchange of securities purchased pursuant to this chapter. (Ord. 397 §1(part), 1982)

3.02.030 Redemptions
The county treasurer is authorized to redeem securities in which the county invested money pursuant to this chapter so that the proceeds of any such redemption may be applied pursuant to the terms of this chapter for which the original purchase money was designated or placed in the county treasury. (Ord. 397 §1(part), 1982)

3.02.040 Reports
The county treasurer shall make a monthly report of all such investments, redemptions or reinvestments pursuant to this chapter to the board of county commissioners. (Ord. 397 §1(part), 1982)

3.02.050 Deposits
The county treasurer is authorized to deposit for safe keeping the securities in which he has invested the county's money pursuant to this chapter with a trust company or a state or national bank or with any federal reserve bank located in any city designated as a reserve city by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. Nothing in this section shall impose any responsibility on the county treasurer for any securities delivered to and receipted for by any trust company, bank or other institution in which they have been deposited until they have been withdrawn from such institution by the treasurer. The county treasurer on any deposit shall take from any institution in which the money or security is deposited a receipt for the securities or moneys deposited. (Ord. 397 §1(part), 1982)