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Title 1 General Provisions
Title 2 Administration and Personnel
Title 3 Revenue and Finance
Title 5 Business Licenses and Regulations
Title 6 Animals
Title 8 Health and Safety
Title 9 Criminal Code
Other Criminal Offenses
9.04 Interference with Public Officers
9.08 Skier Responsibility Code
9.12 Ski Lift Ticket Regulations
9.16 Public Nudity
9.20 Solicitation for Prostitution and Prostitution Offenses
9.24 Offenses against Public Peace
9.26 Glass or Metal Containers Illegal on New Years
9.28 Open Container of Alcoholic Beverage Unlawful in Stateline
9.30 Glass or Metal Containers Illegal during Carson Valley Days Weekend
9.36 Offenses against Property
9.38 Destruction of Public Property
9.42 Trespass on Land by Motor Vehicles
9.44 Illegal Camping
9.46 Graffiti as a Public Nuisance
9.50 Illegal Dumping of Personal Property at Thrift Store
9.64 Curfew
9.65 Tattooing of Minors Prohibited
9.66 Minors Consuming, Possessing, or Being under the Influence of Alcoholic Beverages
9.68 Weapons
9.70 Felon Registration
9.72 Property in Custody of Sheriff
Title 10 Vehicles and Traffic
Title 12 Streets and Other Public Places
Title 13 Parks
Title 14 Airports
Title 18 Town Annexation and Service Districts
Title 19 Initiative Ordinances
Title 20 Consolidated Development Code
Effective Date
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County Codes
Title 9 Criminal Code
9.46 Graffiti as a Public Nuisance
9.46.010 Declaration of purpose
9.46.020 Definition
9.46.030 Graffiti prohibited
9.46.040 Entrance by sheriff's officers and investigation
9.46.050 Removal of graffiti
9.46.060 Graffiti subject to abatement

9.46.010 Declaration of purpose
The board of county commissioners finds and declares that: 
    A.  The increase of graffiti on buildings, structures, and in other places is creating a condition of blight within Douglas County which results in the deterioration of property and business values for adjacent and surrounding properties all to the detriment of the county; and 
    B.  A portion of the graffiti now appearing is related to the activities of youth gangs and the prompt elimination of this graffiti from public view will contribute to the county's efforts to control and minimize the presence of youth gangs within the community; and     
    C.  The graffiti is obnoxious and a public nuisance which must be abated in order to avoid the detrimental effect of this graffiti in the county and to prevent the spread of graffiti. (Ord. 690, 1995; Ord. 566, 1992)

9.46.020 Definition
"Graffiti" as used in this chapter means the unauthorized spraying of paint, or making of ink, chalk, dye, or other similar substance on public or private buildings, structures and other places. (Ord. 690, 1995; Ord. 566, 1992)

9.46.030 Graffiti prohibited
A person shall not write, paint, or draw upon any wall, rock, bridge, building, fence, gate, or other structure, tree, or other real or personal property either publicly or privately owned, any drawing, inscription, figure or mark of the type which is commonly known and referred to as graffiti without the permission of the owner or operator of the property. (Ord. 690, 1995; Ord. 566, 1992)

9.46.040 Entrance by sheriff's officers and investigation
Upon detecting the existence of graffiti upon private property, which is visible from any area open to the public, a sheriff's officer may, at any reasonable hour, enter the private property within his jurisdiction for the purpose of inspecting and documenting the existence and nature of the graffiti and determining the ownership of the premises on which the graffiti is located. (Ord. 690, 1995; Ord. 566, 1992)

9.46.050 Removal of graffiti
Graffiti shall be removed by any one of the following methods: 
    A.  If the graffiti is applied by a juvenile, the parents or legal guardian of the juvenile shall be responsible for the removal of the graffiti; 
    B.  If the sheriff determines that the graffiti is located on a public or privately owned structure on public or privately owned real property within the county so as to be capable of being viewed by a person using any public right-of-way in the county, he or his designated representative may provide for the removal at county expense without reimbursement from the property owner upon whose property the graffiti has been applied if: 
        1.  The painting or repair is confined to removing or obliterating the graffiti, only: 
        2.  The structure is owned by a public entity other than the county, and removal of the graffiti is authorized with the consent of the public entity having jurisdiction over the structure; or 
        3.  The structure is privately owned, the removal by the county may be authorized only after securing consent and waiver of liability from the owner or pursuant to section 9.50.060 if the property owner cannot be located or refuses to cooperate. (Ord. 690, 1995; Ord. 566, 1992)

9.46.060 Graffiti subject to abatement
Graffiti located on privately owned structures or privately owned real property within the county, that is capable of being viewed by a person using any public right-of-way in the county, may be abated by the county at the owner's expense as a public nuisance pursuant to the provisions of NRS 244.360 and related provisions contained in sections 8.14.060 to 8.14.120, inclusive. (Ord. 690, 1995; Ord. 566, 1992)