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Title 1 General Provisions
Title 2 Administration and Personnel
Title 3 Revenue and Finance
Title 5 Business Licenses and Regulations
Title 6 Animals
Title 8 Health and Safety
Title 9 Criminal Code
Title 10 Vehicles and Traffic
Title 12 Streets and Other Public Places
Title 13 Parks
Title 14 Airports
Title 18 Town Annexation and Service Districts
Title 19 Initiative Ordinances
Title 20 Consolidated Development Code
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County Codes
Title 14 Airports
14.04 County Airport Use and Regulation
14.04.010 Definitions
14.04.020 Airport manager
14.04.030 Adoption of regulations
14.04.040 Penalties

14.04.010 Definitions
Whenever used in this chapter: 
    A.  "Aircraft" means and includes balloon, airplane, and every other vehicle used for navigation through the air. 
    B.  "Airport" means any area of land which is used for the landing and takeoff of aircraft, and any appurtenant areas which are used for airport buildings, or other airport facilities or right-of-way, together with all airport buildings and facilities located thereon. 
    C.  "Board" means the Douglas County board of commissioners. 
    D.  "County" means Douglas County. 
    E.  "County airport" means an airport owned or operated by Douglas County. 
    F.  "Manager" or "airport manager" means the person appointed by the board to operate the county airport to enforce the provisions of this chapter and the regulations as may from time to time be adopted by the board. 
    G.  "Person" means any individual, firm, partnership, corporation, company, association, joint stock association or body politic, and includes any trustee, receiver, assignee or other similar representative thereof. (Ord. 443 §1(part), 1986)

14.04.020 Airport manager
The airport manager shall have the authority to oversee the operation of the county airport, and to enforce the regulations for the operation and use of the county airport as may from time to time be adopted by the board. (Ord. 443 §1(part), 1986)

14.04.030 Adoption of regulations
    A.  The board may adopt the regulations as it deems necessary for the operation and use of the county airport. The regulations shall be adopted by resolution of the board after a public hearing in relation thereto, at which, public utilities owning facilities in the areas involved, other parties of interest, and citizens have an opportunity to be heard. At least fifteen days' notice of the hearing shall: 
        1.  Be given to all public utilities owning facilities in the area involved. For purpose of this chapter, "public utilities" shall be defined as set forth in chapter 496 of NRS. 
        2.  Be published in an official paper or a paper of general circulation in the county. (Ord. 443 §1(part), 1986)

14.04.040 Penalties
Any violation of the provisions of this title or of any regulation adopted pursuant to section 14.04.030 is a misdemeanor. (Ord. 443 §1(part), 1986)