Douglas County District Attorney
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Title 1 General Provisions
Title 2 Administration and Personnel
Title 3 Revenue and Finance
Title 5 Business Licenses and Regulations
Title 6 Animals
Title 8 Health and Safety
Title 9 Criminal Code
Title 10 Vehicles and Traffic
Title 12 Streets and Other Public Places
Title 13 Parks
Title 14 Airports
Title 18 Town Annexation and Service Districts
Title 19 Initiative Ordinances
Title 20 Consolidated Development Code
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C
Appendix D (Sewer Facilities and Non-Residential Wastewater Discharge Ordinance)
Appendix E (Backflow and Cross-Connection Control Ordiance)
Appendix F (Water Facilities)
20.01 General Provisions; Consistency with Master Plan; Right to Farm
20.02 Development Permits
20.04 Application Process and Official Filing Date
20.06 Decision by the Director
20.08 Review by Advisory Body
20.10 Review and Decision by Planning Commission
20.100 Public Facilities and Improvement Standards
20.12 Review and Decision by Board of County Commissioners
20.14 Conditional Approval
20.20 Notice Provisions
20.200 Surveys
20.220 Installing Utilities Underground
20.24 Public Hearing Procedures
20.28 Post Decision Proceedings
20.30 Expiration of Approval of Development Permit
20.300 Impact Fees
20.32 Revocation of Permit
20.34 Enforcement
20.38 Board of Adjustment
20.40 Fees
20.400 Development Agreements
20.44 Rounding of Quantities
20.440 Density Bonus Agreements
20.460 Reimbursement Agreements
20.470 Maintenance Districts
20.471 Maintenance District 1 - Monterra
20.50 Floodplain Management
20.500 Transfer Development Rights
20.550 Growth Management
20.560 Building Permit Allocation and Growth Management
20.600 General Provisions
20.602 Pre-application Conference
20.604 Special use permits
20.606 Variances
20.608 Amendment to Master Plan
20.610 Zoning Administration
20.612 Specific Plan
20.614 Design Review
20.618 Sign Permit
20.620 Temporary Use Permit
20.650 Zoning Districts and Standards
20.654 Agriculture and Forestry and Range Districts
20.656 Residential Districts
20.658 Non-Residential Districts
20.660 Use Regulations
20.662 Agricultural, Forest and Range, and Residential Land Use District Specific Standards (Table)
20.664 Agricultural, Forest and Range, and Residential Land Use Specific Standards
20.666 Non-Residential Specific Standards for Permitted, Development Permitted and Special use permit Uses (Table)
20.668 Non-Residential Uses Specific Standards
20.672 Livestock Overlay (LO) Zoning District
20.674 Manufactures Housing (MH) District
20.675 Mixed-use Commercial (MUC) Overlay District
20.676 Planned Development (PD) Overlay District
20.678 Residential Office (RO) Overlay District
20.680 Genoa Historic (GH) Overlay District
20.682 Clustered Residential Subdivision (CR) Overlay
20.685 Gaming District (GD) Overlay
20.690 Property Standards
20.691 Property Maintenance
20.692 Off-Street Parking and Loading
20.694 Landscape Standards
20.696 Sign and Advertising Control
20.698 Nonconforming Uses and Structures
20.700 Applicability and Procedures
20.702 Zoning Districts and Standards
20.703 Tahoe Area Plan Regulations
20.704 General Provisions
20.708 Subdivision Application Procedure and Approval Process
20.712 Parcel Maps
20.714 Division of Agricultural Land for Conservation Purposes
20.716 Division of Land into Large Parcels
20.718 Division of Land for Agricultural Purposes
20.720 Assurance for Completion and Maintenance of Improvements
20.768 Land Readjustment
20.770 Boundary Line Adjustment
20.800 General Provisions
20.810 Administration
20.820 Building Permits
20.830 Site Improvement Permits
20.840 Encroachment Permits
20.900 Numbering Structures and Naming Streets
Effective Date
Table of Ordinances

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County Codes
Title 20 Consolidated Development Code
20.680 Genoa Historic (GH) Overlay District
20.680.010 (GH) Purpose
20.680.020 (GH) Applicability
20.680.030 (GH) Commission
20.680.040 (GH) Processing procedures
20.680.050 (GH) Submittal requirements
20.680.060 (GH) Failure to take action
20.680.070 (GH) Variance
20.680.080 (GH) Repair, safety
20.680.090 (GH) Change of land use or zoning
20.680.100 (GH) Appeals

20.680.010 (GH) Purpose
The purposes of these regulations are to promote the general welfare of the inhabitants of Genoa, Douglas County, Nevada, through the preservation and protection of historic buildings and places of historic interest, many of which are not only of local, but of state and national significance, through development of an appropriate setting for these buildings, places and districts; through the stabilization and improvement of property values; through the promotion and use of this historic areas for the education, pleasure, welfare of the people; through fostering civic beauty and pride in heritage of Nevada’s oldest town; and through providing for objective criteria whereby the historic district and structures therein might obtain grants, tax relief, low interest loans and other recognition. (Ord. 763, 1996; Ord. 212, 1974)

20.680.020 (GH) Applicability
The Genoa Historic (GH) overlay district is created as a combining overlay classification to be superimposed on lands within the defined “Genoa historic district,” the boundaries of which are shown on the Hawkins Map of 1874 and the official zoning map of Douglas County. Notwithstanding anything in this chapter to the contrary, this chapter shall apply to the erection, reconstruction, alteration or restoration of property presently or in the future zoned for non-residential use in the district. (Ord. 763, 1996; Ord. 212, 1974)

20.680.030 (GH) Commission
The Genoa historic commission, hereinafter referred to in this chapter as “the commission,” was formed pursuant to Title 2 of the Douglas County Code and shall be responsible for the issuance of certificates of appropriateness within the district. (Ord. 763, 1996; Ord. 212, 1974)

20.680.040 (GH) Processing procedures
No owner shall apply to the county for a zoning permit or building permit within the district for the purpose of erecting, reconstructing, altering or restoring a structure unless and until the Genoa historic commission has approved the exterior architectural features which are subject to public view from a public street, way or place and issued a certificate of appropriateness. (Ord. 763, 1996; Ord. 212, 1974)

20.680.050 (GH) Submittal requirements
Applicants requesting approval of the Genoa historic commission shall, at minimum, submit an application form provided by the historic commission with all required submittal materials, including, but not limited to, site plans, elevations and other information deemed necessary by the commission to determine the appropriateness of the exterior features to be passed upon must be made available to the commission by the applicant. Note that the historic district commission will not consider those detailed designs, interior arrangement or building features not subject to public view. The Genoa historic commission will not make any recommendations or requirements except for the purpose of preventing developments obviously incongruous to the historic aspects of the surroundings and the district. (Ord. 763, 1996; Ord. 212, 1974)

20.680.060 (GH) Failure to take action
If the Genoa historic commission fails to take final action on an application within 60 days after discussion at a regular historic commission meeting, the application is deemed to be approved except where mutual agreement has been reached for an extension of the time limit. (Ord. 763, 1996; Ord. 212, 1974)

20.680.070 (GH) Variance
When strict adherence to this chapter would work a substantial hardship on an applicant, the commission, in the same manner as issuing a certificate of appropriateness, may grant a variance if the variance remains in harmony with the general purpose and intent of this chapter so that the general character of the historic district is conserved and substantial justice done. In granting the variance, the commission may impose reasonable and additional conditions to fulfill the purposes of this chapter. (Ord. 763, 1996; Ord. 212, 1974)

20.680.080 (GH) Repair, safety
Ordinary maintenance or repair which does not involve a change of design, material or outward appearance of a structure, or where the change involves any portion of the structure which a building engineer or inspector or the county engineer certifies as required because of an unsafe or dangerous condition, may be undertaken without the issuance of a certificate of appropriateness. (Ord. 763, 1996; Ord. 212, 1974)

20.680.090 (GH) Change of land use or zoning
A copy of all applications of master plan amendment or zone changes within the district must be forwarded to the Genoa historic commission for its recommendations to the planning commission. Any recommendations must be received no later than public hearing on any of the aforementioned matters. (Ord. 763, 1996; Ord. 212, 1974)

20.680.100 (GH) Appeals
Appeals of the Genoa historic commission shall be made pursuant to chapter 20.12. (Ord. 763, 1996; Ord. 212, 1974)