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Title 1 General Provisions
Title 2 Administration and Personnel
Title 3 Revenue and Finance
Title 5 Business Licenses and Regulations
Title 6 Animals
Title 8 Health and Safety
8.08 Air Pollution Control
8.12 Burning Restrictions
8.14 Abandoned Vehicles and Unlawful Vehicle Work
8.16 Fireworks
8.24 County Board of Health
8.28 Sifting or Leaking Loads
8.36 Sexual Assault Victim Assistance
8.40 Coroner
Title 9 Criminal Code
Title 10 Vehicles and Traffic
Title 12 Streets and Other Public Places
Title 13 Parks
Title 14 Airports
Title 18 Town Annexation and Service Districts
Title 19 Initiative Ordinances
Title 20 Consolidated Development Code
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County Codes
Title 8 Health and Safety
8.14 Abandoned Vehicles and Unlawful Vehicle Work
8.14.010 Definitions
8.14.020 Abandoned Vehicles Prohibited
8.14.030 Unlawful vehicle work

8.14.010 Definitions
Whenever used in this chapter, unless the context otherwise requires or specifies, the definitions contained in this section shall apply: 

    A.  "Abandoned vehicle" means any vehicle, or part thereof, which is either: 

        1.  A vehicle to which the registered owner has relinquished all further dominion and control; or 

        2.  A vehicle which is inoperative under conditions indicating the owner has no intention of restoring the vehicle to operating condition. A vehicle without a valid registration currently in effect will be presumed to be an abandoned vehicle.

(Ord. 1405, 2014; Ord. 328 (part), 1980; Ord. 232 (part), 1975)

8.14.020 Abandoned Vehicles Prohibited

The existence of abandoned vehicles and auto bodies upon any public or private highway, street, alley or road, or any lot or parcel of land, whether public or private is prohibited.  (Ord. 1405, 2014; Ord. 328 (part), 1980; Ord. 232 (part), 1975)


8.14.030 Unlawful vehicle work
It is unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to assemble, disassemble, repair, wreck, modify, restore, service, maintain or otherwise work on any vehicle, trailer, camper, trailer coach, boat, motor-driven cycle or similar conveyance upon any highway or street, thereof, either public or private, which is open to the use of the general public; provided, however, that this section shall not apply to emergency repairs which shall not exceed 24 hours. ( Ord. 1405, 2014; Ord. 328 (part), 1980; Ord. 247 §1, 1976; Ord. 232 (part), 1975)