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Title 1 General Provisions
Title 2 Administration and Personnel
Title 3 Revenue and Finance
Title 5 Business Licenses and Regulations
Title 6 Animals
Title 8 Health and Safety
Title 9 Criminal Code
Title 10 Vehicles and Traffic
Title 12 Streets and Other Public Places
Title 13 Parks
Title 14 Airports
Title 18 Town Annexation and Service Districts
Title 19 Initiative Ordinances
Title 20 Consolidated Development Code
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C
Appendix D (Sewer Facilities and Non-Residential Wastewater Discharge Ordinance)
Appendix E (Backflow and Cross-Connection Control Ordiance)
Appendix F (Water Facilities)
20.01 General Provisions; Consistency with Master Plan; Right to Farm
20.02 Development Permits
20.04 Application Process and Official Filing Date
20.06 Decision by the Director
20.08 Review by Advisory Body
20.10 Review and Decision by Planning Commission
20.100 Public Facilities and Improvement Standards
20.12 Review and Decision by Board of County Commissioners
20.14 Conditional Approval
20.20 Notice Provisions
20.200 Surveys
20.220 Installing Utilities Underground
20.24 Public Hearing Procedures
20.28 Post Decision Proceedings
20.30 Expiration of Approval of Development Permit
20.300 Impact Fees
20.32 Revocation of Permit
20.34 Enforcement
20.38 Board of Adjustment
20.40 Fees
20.400 Development Agreements
20.44 Rounding of Quantities
20.440 Density Bonus Agreements
20.460 Reimbursement Agreements
20.470 Maintenance Districts
20.471 Maintenance District 1 - Monterra
20.50 Floodplain Management
20.500 Transfer Development Rights
20.550 Growth Management
20.560 Building Permit Allocation and Growth Management
20.600 General Provisions
20.602 Pre-application Conference
20.604 Special use permits
20.606 Variances
20.608 Amendment to Master Plan
20.610 Zoning Administration
20.612 Specific Plan
20.614 Design Review
20.618 Sign Permit
20.620 Temporary Use Permit
20.650 Zoning Districts and Standards
20.654 Agriculture and Forestry and Range Districts
20.656 Residential Districts
20.658 Non-Residential Districts
20.660 Use Regulations
20.662 Agricultural, Forest and Range, and Residential Land Use District Specific Standards (Table)
20.664 Agricultural, Forest and Range, and Residential Land Use Specific Standards
20.666 Non-Residential Specific Standards for Permitted, Development Permitted and Special use permit Uses (Table)
20.668 Non-Residential Uses Specific Standards
20.672 Livestock Overlay (LO) Zoning District
20.674 Manufactures Housing (MH) District
20.675 Mixed-use Commercial (MUC) Overlay District
20.676 Planned Development (PD) Overlay District
20.678 Residential Office (RO) Overlay District
20.680 Genoa Historic (GH) Overlay District
20.682 Clustered Residential Subdivision (CR) Overlay
20.685 Gaming District (GD) Overlay
20.690 Property Standards
20.691 Property Maintenance
20.692 Off-Street Parking and Loading
20.694 Landscape Standards
20.696 Sign and Advertising Control
20.698 Nonconforming Uses and Structures
20.700 Applicability and Procedures
20.702 Zoning Districts and Standards
20.703 Tahoe Area Plan Regulations
20.704 General Provisions
20.708 Subdivision Application Procedure and Approval Process
20.712 Parcel Maps
20.714 Division of Agricultural Land for Conservation Purposes
20.716 Division of Land into Large Parcels
20.718 Division of Land for Agricultural Purposes
20.720 Assurance for Completion and Maintenance of Improvements
20.768 Land Readjustment
20.770 Boundary Line Adjustment
20.800 General Provisions
20.810 Administration
20.820 Building Permits
20.830 Site Improvement Permits
20.840 Encroachment Permits
20.900 Numbering Structures and Naming Streets
Effective Date
Table of Ordinances

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County Codes
Title 20 Consolidated Development Code
20.20 Notice Provisions
20.20.010 Public notice sign
20.20.020 Published notice
20.20.030 Personal notice of public hearing
20.20.040 Personal notice of filings for minor variance and design review applications
20.20.050 Notification following decision
20.20.060 Notification of appeal or revocation
20.20.070 Costs of notice

20.20.010 Public notice sign

    A.  Prior to holding a public hearing, the applicant shall provide evidence that a public notice sign on the subject site has been posted in accordance with the following: 
        1.  The sign shall be posted on the site of a development application at least ten days prior to any public hearing. The purpose of the public-notice sign is to notify the community and residents in the effected area of the proposed development and the time, place and date for consideration. 
        2.  The sign shall be posted in the form established by the community development department (see figure 20.20.1). The number and location of the sign placement shall be determined by the director. The sign shall be removed by the applicant within 72 hours of the decision or the date of withdrawal. (Ord. 801, 1997; Ord. 763, 1996)

Figure 20.20.1 24"












For further information, please contact:

Case Planner:
Douglas County
Community Development Department
P.O. Box 218
1594 Esmeralda Avenue
Minden, NV 89423
(775)782-_______; fax (775)782-9007

(Ord. 763, 1996).

20.20.020 Published notice
Except as otherwise specifically provided in this title, in any instance in which it is required by law that an advisory body, director, the planning commission, board, or any other final decision-maker must hold a public hearing, a notice setting forth the date, time, place and purpose of the hearing, the name of the applicant, and identification of the subject property must be published once in a newspaper of general circulation published in the county, at least ten days before the date set for the hearing. The notice shall be prepared by the county. (Ord. 763, 1996; Ord. 610, 1993; Ord. 608, 1993; Ord. 607, 1993; Ord. 605, 1993; Ord. 539, 1991; Ord. 494, 1989; Ord. 390, 1981)

20.20.030 Personal notice of public hearing
    A.  Whenever personal notice of a public hearing is required by this title or by chapter 278 of NRS, in addition to the notice requirement of section 20.20.010, notice must be mailed, or if requested by a party, provided by electronic means if the electronic notice can be sent and its receipt can be verified by the county, at least ten days prior to the hearing to: 
        1.  The applicant; 
        2.  Any person who has filed a written request for the notice; 
        3.  Surrounding property owners within a radius drawn from the perimeter limits of the property that is subject of the application as follows: 
            a.  If the subject property is one acre or less in size, all properties within 300 feet shall be notified. 
            b.  If the subject property is more than one acre and less than 40 acres in size, all properties within 600 feet shall be notified. 
            c.  If the subject property is 40 acres or larger, each property owner within 1,320 feet shall be notified. 
            d.  Or to each owner of at least the 30 parcels nearest to the project parcel, as listed on the county assessor’s records, if it is a greater number of parcels than required by subsections (a), (b), or (c), and to the extent it does not duplicate notice given in subsection (a), (b), or (c). 
        4.  If a zone change, variance or special use permit is proposed within 300 feet of a mobile home park, each tenant of the mobile home park must be notified.
        5.  Any advisory board, which has been established for the affected area by the governing body. 
        6.  Where the site contains any type of conveyance ditch or easement which requires a hearing before the water conveyance advisory committee, notice shall be provided to any conveyance ditch user within Douglas County adjacent to or downstream of the proposed map as determined from the list of water rights owners compiled by the Federal Water Master’s Office, or for those conveyance facilities not covered by the Alpine Decree from the list of water right owners maintained by the state engineer. 
    B.  The notice must include the name of the applicant, the time, place and purpose of the hearing and a physical description of, or map detailing the proposed change of the property. The notice must include a section that an owner of property may complete and return to the governing body to indicate his approval of or opposition to the proposed amendment. The notice of zoning permits must indicate the existing zoning designation, the proposed zoning designation, and contain a brief summary of the intent of the change of the property. (Ord. 984, 2001; Ord. 943, 2000; Ord. 801, 1998; Ord. 763, 1996; Ord. 641, 1994; Ord. 610, 1993; Ord. 608, 1993; Ord. 607, 1993; Ord. 605, 1993; Ord. 539; 1991; Ord. 494, 1989; Ord. 390, 1981)

20.20.040 Personal notice of filings for minor variance and design review applications
Upon the filing of an application for a minor variance or design review, excluding minor design review, the community development department shall send, by first class mail, notice of the filing of an application to all contiguous property owners. Contiguous for the purpose of this chapter includes those properties which touch the parcel which is subject to the land use request including those which would touch the property when projected across a public or private easement or right-of-way. The notice shall contain a brief description of the request, the location of plans for review and a deadline for comment. (Ord. 801, 1998; Ord. 763, 1996; Ord. 501, 1989; Ord. 400, 1982; Ord. 199, 1973)

20.20.050 Notification following decision
Within three working days of the date of the final decision-maker’s determination on the development application, written notification of the action shall be mailed to the applicant, stating the action taken and including all conditions imposed and times established for satisfaction of such conditions, if any. If the final decision-maker denies the application, a written statement setting forth the basis for that decision to deny the application shall also be included. If the decision is on a zoning permit application within a town’s boundary that the town has reviewed under section 20.08.010, a copy of the decision must be sent to the town board at the same time. The record of the notification shall be filed with the clerk of the board. (Ord. 972, 2001; Ord. 763, 1996; Ord. 608, 1993; Ord. 607, 1993; Ord. 390, 1981)

20.20.060 Notification of appeal or revocation
Whenever a notice of appeal is filed or whenever the county determines to revoke a development permit which was obtained following a public hearing pursuant to chapter 20.24, personal notice of the appeal or revocation shall be prepared and made in the manner prescribed by section 20.20.030. (Ord. 801, 1997; Ord. 763, 1996; Ord. 641, 1994; Ord. 614, 1993; Ord. 613, 1993; Ord. 608, 1993, Ord. 607, 1993; Ord. 167, 1968)

20.20.070 Costs of notice
The applicant is responsible for providing the required mailing list, labels and stamped envelopes, and for payment of any fee for the list and labels, for any proposal requiring personal notice. (Ord. 801, 1997; Ord. 763, 1996; Ord. 608, 1993)