Civil Division: FAQs

Will the District Attorney’s Office represent me if I need an attorney?

No, the District Attorney only represents Douglas County.  It is not a legal aid office and cannot represent private parties.  

Please contact a private attorney to assist in these matters.  If you need a private attorney, but cannot afford one, you can call Volunteer Attorneys of Rural Nevada (VARN) at (775) 883-8278 or Lawyer Referral and Information Services at (800) 789-5747.

Can the District Attorney’s Office staff answer legal questions?

No, the District Attorney’s Office cannot give legal opinions pursuant to NRS 7.285.

Can the District Attorney provide legal advice to me?

No. The District Attorney's Office is prevented by law from providing legal advice to individual citizens.  

Is the District Attorney the official legal counsel for the towns or general improvement districts (GID) in this county? 

No.  The towns of Gardnerville, Minden and Genoa have legal counsel separate from the District Attorney.  Additionally, the District Attorney does not act as legal counsel for GIDs.

What does the Douglas County District Attorney’s Civil Division do?

The Douglas County District Attorney's Office Civil Division provides legal opinions and representation to the Board of County Commissioners, elected officials, departments of Douglas County, and other boards and commissions within Douglas County.