Investigations Division

As the elected District Attorney, Mark Jackson is authorized by statute to appoint peace officers to investigate crimes and other matters related to the statutory duties of the District Attorney.

A District Attorney Investigator possesses all of the powers and authority of a peace officer in the State of Nevada.  The primary function of a District Attorney Investigator is to provide prosecution support to the Deputy District Attorneys assigned to prosecute crimes committed within the jurisdictional boundaries of Douglas County.

The duties of a District Attorney Investigator include: interactions with victims and witnesses of crimes; arresting criminal offenders; interviewing victims and witnesses; interrogating suspects; assisting with the preparation and/or execution of search and arrest warrants; responding to crime scenes; identifying and collecting evidence; protecting victims and witnesses; preparing investigative reports; locating difficult to find witnesses, suspects and non-custodial parents; testifying in court; assisting with pre-trial investigations; conducting follow-up investigations on cases submitted by the sheriff’s office, and; providing investigative resources to other departments within county government.

The Douglas County District Attorney’s Office does not take crime reports

All initial crime reports should be made with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office or other law enforcement agency with jurisdiction over the matter.  You may, however, contact the District Attorney’s Office Investigations Division to seek assistance with any information you have regarding criminal activity; an investigator will assist you in contacting the appropriate agency.  In addition, if you have an active warrant for your arrest, the District Attorney’s Office Investigations Division can assist you in facilitating your surrender to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

If you are attempting to report an emergency situation at this time, please dial 911 on your telephone to be connected to the emergency services you require.

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