Investigations Division: FAQs

What is a District Attorney Investigator?

The District Attorney’s Office is authorized by statute to employ peace officers to investigate crimes and other matters of interest to the District Attorney. A District Attorney Investigator possesses all of the powers and authority of a peace officer in the State of Nevada.

The primary function of District Attorney investigators is to provide prosecution support to the District Attorney’s legal staff by conducting pre-trial investigative services, and to assist other law enforcement agencies as supplemental investigative resources.

What does the District Attorney’s Office investigate?

District Attorney Investigators generally conduct follow-up investigation on criminal matters that are submitted to the District Attorney’s Office for charging consideration.  District Attorney Investigators also conduct pre-trial investigations related to cases that have been charged by the District Attorney’s Office.  District Attorney Investigators also provide investigative resources to Douglas County regarding civil matters and employment issues.

Can I report a crime to the District Attorney Investigators?
All initial crime reports should be filed with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office. The District Attorney’s Office does not take crime reports.  If you are attempting to report an emergency situation, call 911 on your telephone to be connected to the emergency services you require.  You may always contact the District Attorney Investigators to seek assistance with any information you have regarding criminal activity, and they will assist you in contacting the appropriate agencies.

Can you help me clear a warrant issued for my arrest?
The District Attorney’s Office is prohibited from providing legal advice or assistance to a defendant. The District Attorney’s Investigators can facilitate your surrender to them as peace officers which will begin the process of addressing the warrant issued for your arrest.  Please contact the District Attorney Investigations Division with questions regarding surrendering.

How do I get a copy of police reports?

The District Attorney’s Office does not distribute reports filed with local law enforcement agencies.  Contact the agency that you filed the initial report with in order to obtain a copy of that report.